This is A Professional User Behavior Analytics Platform

  • 360 Properties Capture

    Not just records behavior itself and few user properties, SensorsData can help you capture 360 properties following every action users are doing. Then get a complete picture of user behavior to analyze as deeply as you need.

  • Multi-role Enabled

    With 10 analysis models, marketers measure conversion rates of each invested channel, product managers optimize user experience with data, operation team tracks user retention as campaign fulfills, and more.

  • In-depth Insights

    Insight always comes from some user groups you find based on data analysis. SensorsData's powerful user grouping model enables every people to understand user more and dig them deeper.

  • Real-time Experience

    A click was just done in last second, it can be analyzed in SensorsData in next second for sure. You can instantly discover whatever you want about your users with a real-time platform from now on.

  • Free Data Exporting

    Export clean and accurate raw data for free, for anytime you need to sync to your destination where zoom in the value of data for business. Calculated results or group lists can be also exported.

  • Data Safety

    Support both on-premise and SaaS deployment and ensure your data is GDPR compliant and up-to-date.

Top Features

Compare editions and features

Function SaaS Private-deployment Standalone Private-deployment Cluster
Number of events No limits No limits No limits
Speed of query In seconds In seconds In seconds
Time-effectiveness of funnel Real-time Real-time Real-time
User-defined data overview
User-defined user behavior sequence
User-defined indicators
User-defined retention
User-defined user grouping
User-defined distribution analysis
User-defined click analysis
User-defined SQL query
Drill-down and select in any dimension
Data Import Functions
Time-effectiveness Real-time Real-time Real-time
Full event tracking
Front-end code event tracking
Back-end code event tracking
Real-time import tool
Batch import tool
Full-end event tracking management
Historical data import
Debug mode
Number of import events limited limited limited
Management Functions
Authority control
PaaS Platform Functions
API query
Import of third-party user profiling data
Data storage location Sensors Data provided Customer provided Customer provided
Real-time data subscription
Use Hadoop to access data
Use Spark to access data

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