Sensors Journey will help you collect user behavior data, build a business-friendly customer classification system, analyze customer health status and trends, automatically alert potential risks and opportunities, so that you can formula tasks and take actions to realize customer lifecycle value and ensure customer success.


Monitor customer health globally with a customer classification system

Based on user behavior data, you can use the RFM-LS customer classification model to build a customer analysis system with customizable metrics and scientifically evaluate customer health.

360° customer view gives you insights into customer health changes

The 360° customer view presents the characteristics of individual customers, allowing us to dynamically track customer's lifecycle health by week or month, analyze the past behavior metrics, and gain deep insights into customer value.

Automatically warn customer's loss risk and proactively regain customers

Analyze the characteristics of high-loss-risk customers, customize scientific warning metrics, automatically alert potential high-loss-risk customer groups and trigger tasks, enabling you to take immediate action to regain customers.

Identify potential upsells and upgrades, and realize customer lifecycle value

Focus on "customers to be developed" and "customers with important value ", identify potential high-valued customer groups, accurately reach users with various strategies, and deeply mine customer value.

Customer lifecycle analysis, from now on!

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