What problems will Sensors Personas solve for you?

Data Department / Technology Department

Save the human cost of tag production and maintenance, instead of manual script writing

Accumulate assets, including tags and user profiling, enabling business staffs to take as required

Unify tag management specifications and quantify tag quality tracking

Operation Department / Business Department

Supplement user behavior tags and build user profiling and precision marketing system

Acquire tag groups in real time and practice precision marketing scheme fast

Produce and maintain tags independently and iterate the strategies applied by marketing activities flexibly

Typical Business Applications of Sensors Personas

Build user value system to achieve precise marketing goals

After several consumption, the user haven't back to visit the website for a period of time, so that we need to do churn recall.

Draw user profiling to manage lifecycle and improve experience

Understand the characteristic attributes and preferences of user groups, and check whether the product is used in the same way as expected, that can provide effective data support for precise marketing.

Use user tags to provide personalized contents and improve conversion

Recommend products with different price according to the user's consumption level.

The advantages of Sensors Personas

  • User behavior data collection

    Real-time user behavior data collection, and capture the multi-dimensional attributes behind each action, to enrich user tag system.

  • Connect full-end data

    Provide ID-Mapping technology for multi-side multi-device and multi-channel, that can connect user behavior data with business transaction data.

  • Self-service tag visualization platform

    People in tag groups can be real-time calculated and updated, and the historical results are recorded at the same time, to make the changes and present situation at a glance.

  • Acquire tag groups in real time

    Provide standardized tag management middleground, and you can build and maintain tags according to the changes in marketing strategies.

  • Private deployment

    Enable private deployment, ensure data security, and assure performance with low hardware costs.

  • Industry consulting capabilities

    Experienced in industry tag design and perfect consulting service, that help you build high-quality business-oriented user tags.

The technical architecture of Sensors Personas

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