Say goodbye to a month's schedule and execute an event in half an hour

Data-Driven End-to-end Growth Plan

Activity plan iteration
  • 1. Segment users

    User attributes, User behavior
    Tags and profiles of transaction data

  • 2. Make strategies

    Regular one-time / repeat execution
    Real-time trigger

  • 3. Reach users

    Diverse trigger methods
    Multiple reach channels

  • 4. Outcome analysis

    View in real time
    360° measurement

Activity Plan Kanban gives you a sense of the overall operations status

Now you can classify and summarize all activities, count activity data in real time, and evaluate activities outcome in multiple dimensions. Both managers and executives can always understand the current operations and effectively manage their activities.

Automatically execute operation plans to improve operation efficiency

Let's say goodbye to waiting for schedule and data! Now you can reduce unnecessary coding and create activity plan by your own: design trigger conditions → audience segmentation → reach configuration → goals settings and execute automatically!

Build a personalized user journey and interact with users in a timely manner

Never miss an opportunity to interact with your customers! At different contact points in the user journey, you can give users what they need, so as to improve user retention, achieve fine operations, and promote scenario-based marketing.

Flexibly configure webhook triggers to reach users in multiple scenarios

With webhook, you can synchronize audiences and strategies in real time. Webhook supports user reach for more scenarios, real-time triggering of internal equity systems, and connecting with notification centers.

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  • Full-process and self-constructed activity plan

    Simplify cross-department collaboration processes between operations and data teams and reduce scheduling costs.
  • Flexible and real-time

    Multiple trigger modes that can be used flexibly to meet operation and marketing strategy design in complex scenarios.
  • Real-time and comprehensive outcome analysis

    Outcome analysis helps you gain insights into the true value of each operation activity and guide your next activity.
  • Real-time collection of user behavior data

    Collect behavior data in real time and enrich dimension to support automatic and scenario-based operation plans.
  • Reach users on multiple channels and platforms

    Choosing the right channels can often do more with less, and webhook can help you achieve that!
  • Industry consulting

    Bring continuously value to customers in all aspects, from pre-sale proposals, in-sale consulting, and after-sales service.

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